1st Emergency Response - The 'Gift of Life' in the Palm of Your Hand
Combined First Aid & Practical Fire Awareness course.
This Programme has been especially developed for Organisations/ Companies who would like their workforce to have an understanding of Emergency Procedures at Work, So here at 1st Emergency Response we have combined Emergency First Aid at Work with a Basic knowledge of Fire awareness and Fire extinguisher use. The combination of both skills will give your workforce the knowledge and confidence to deal with most emergencies that could occur within the workplace or other  environments.
Combined 1st Aid/ Fire Awareness/ Extinguisher use.
Combined 1st Aid/ Fire Awareness/ Extinguisher use.

1st Aid/ Fire Awareness and Extinguisher use

A course designed to provide an introduction to basic principles of Fire Awareness, Extinguisher use and First Aid, especially useful for employees in large and small companies.

Tailored for?

Employees working within large and small companies. This course enables them to assist someone who has become unwell or injuried, as well as giving them the basic knowledge in fire awareness and the use of extinguers.

What will i be taught?

Participants will be taught basic 1st aid and how to recognise illnesses and injuries as well as how to prevent danger from fire and how to deal with a fire should one occur this includes the practical use of different types of extinguisher.

Course Syllabus

Basic 1st Aid
•How to Maintain an Airway
•Wounds and Bleeding
•Recognition of Illnesses
•Burns and Scalds
•Contents of a First Aid Box
•Accident Reporting and form completion

1st Fire Awareness/ Safety
•Fire Triangle, Combustion, Fire Spread and Fire Prevention
•Fire Evacuation plans/drills
•Fire Action Plans
•Common Causes of Fire
•Actions on Discovering a Fire
•How to Correctly Identify and use Fire extinguishers (practical use)
•How to Call the Fire Brigade
•Types and Classifications of Fire

Course Duration

6 hours

Assessment and Certification.

Continueous Assessment by trainer
Combined Fire and First Aid Certficate valid for 2 years is issued upon successful completion of programme
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