1st Emergency Response - The 'Gift of Life' in the Palm of Your Hand
1st Emergency Action Outdoors
Our Emergency Action Aid course focuses on the sports related decisions a first aider might have to make, from stopping play to assist an injuried player, deciding whether or not a player can return to the field of play and the types of  injuries faced in various sports activities. Pitch side is often the place where teams/ injuried players look to for assistants and its important to have the right treatment in the right place at the right time! Remember local parks are some of the most diverse places where sporting decisions are made and where most of the serious injuries occur, You could make the difference!. 
1st Emergency Action
1st Emergency Action

Sports first aid

This course will give you all the necessary first aid skills to deal with a whole range of sporting injuries.

Tailored for?

Anyone involved in sporting activities - from referees and coaches to players.

What will i be taught?

How to deal with the type of injuries and medical emergencies that can happen during sporting activities.

Course Syllabus

bone, muscle and joint injuries
burns and scalds
chest pains
communication and casualty care
emergencies in public
head injury
extremes of heat and cold
primary survey
the role of the first aider
sprains and strains
contents of a first aid kit
the unconscious casualty.

Course duration

Six hours.

Assessment Process

Continuous assessment by trainer. NVQ Level 2 equivalency.
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