1st Emergency Response - The 'Gift of Life' in the Palm of Your Hand
1st Aid for The Deaf/ Hard of Hearing
This course is a ground breaking and revolutionary initiative bringing the subject of 1st Aid to the Deaf and Hard off Hearing. The course will offer a full first aiders certificate.
1st Aid for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
1st Aid for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A course specially tailored for deaf and hard of hearing people within the community. This course gives candidates a chance to interact with their pair group as well as learning new skills. As well as a qualified Trainer there will also be a qualified interpreter to assist with learning.

This course could help to develop stronger leadership skills within the individual and can be used as documentation when applying for jobs. It displays the candidates willingness to learn and develop new skills.

Tailored for?

This course is gearded towards individuals wishing to learn about what to do during a 1st Aid emergency and how to be affective until further help arrives.

What will i be taught?

You will be taught the basic of first aid to be able to recognise the scale of an emergency, prevent loss of life and send for further assistant if necessary.

Course Syllabus

Threats to Life:

Maintain an airway
Recovery position
Treatment of Shock
Treatment of Wounds
Controlling Bleeds
Contents of a First Aid Box

Course Duration

4 - 6 hours

Assessment and Certification Process

Continuos Assessment by trainer, skills based final assessment
Valid for 3 years is awarded on sucessful completion of Programme
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