1st Emergency Response - The 'Gift of Life' in the Palm of Your Hand
Parents & Grandparents (Home Cares)
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Emergency Life Support for Infants and Children
Emergency Life Support for Infants and Children

Ideal for parents/ grandparents, to gain the confidence to deal with emergencies that could occur whilst caring for young children. This course deals with serious conditions and incidents involving children and infants. You will learn what to do in an emergency and CPR skills specific to this age group.

Tailored for?

This course is ideal for parents, grandparents or guardians who care for young children and babies.

What will i be taught?

The course covers emergency life support procedures which deal only with an infant or child casualty.

Course Sylabus.

Communication and casualty care.
Managing an incident.
Looking after yourself and the casualty.
Child and infant resuscitation.
Treatment of severe bleeding and an unconscious casualty.
Treatment of choking in children and infants.
Course duration

Three hours.

Assessment and certification Process
Continuous assessment by trainer.
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